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Every company has their own long term and short term mission. Ours’ are to groom 100 young generations to achieved monthly income  of minimum RM10,000 per-month. On top of that, our mission also covers 100% growth on sales and business for production income

Our mission is to established as the largest life insurance agency in Industry. We wish to groom 10 newly promote leaders and 500 agents by year 2018.

About PIT

PIT Group founded since year 2014, is one of the fastest growing life insurance agencies in North Malaysia.

The story of PIT Grpup is to make everyone who joins us able to achieve perfection in their career. The founders as well as young builders of PIT Group Jason Ch’ng , Wesly Ang , Veronica Tan , Vivian Lim and Jazz Yon, having a strong belief of “Accomplish 100% Growth in new business and manpower”,  their Vision is to build 100 full time agents to achieve financial freedom and 100% growth in all aspects.

They have created a platform for those who are seeking for a better income and lifestyle. For those who are longing to promote as an agency leader, they provide training and assist them to make their dreams come true.

They strive to become a “Perfect & Incredible Team” in the financial industry. No one is perfect, but they believed that gathered a group of imperfect people may create a perfect team and make their team incredible. They called this it as ”PIT” in Hokkien dialect, which means ”overflow or very wealthy”.

From the beginnings of 7 people, PIT Group today has more than 150 agents. They develop from one agency centre to five agency centres located in Penang, Butterworth , Sungai Petani , Bukit Mertajam and Alor Setar.

Financing Planning 90%
Insurance 85%
Housing Loan 90%
Talent Hunt 72%


We value individuals who wants to grow wealth and success with PIT Group. PIT Group is the fastest insurance agency in northern region


PIT Group rewards our members with great holiday packages and performance bonus

RM 10 000 GOAL

PIT Group sets its goal high. We look forward to build agents who can achieved RM 10,000 a month. We come, we see , we conquer


Training video and weekly in-house training to all our members. If you reside far, stay connected via online training

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